Which purchases will be added to e-Portfolio within DBAI?

The following purchases will be included in your portfolio:

  • A report ordered with monitoring (so with view & review rights)
  • A report ordered without monitoring, so registered for e-Alert
  • A report ordered without monitoring for which e-Alert expired or was deactivated
  • An order for Stand alone monitoring (without report)
  • An order for a report which is not eligible for view & review rights (Dun & Bradstreet Select)



Please note that the following reports will not be included in your portfolio; Dun & Bradstreet Select (modular reports), Decision Maker, Country Risk and any other report purchased on countries not shown in the following list: Andorra, Austria, Canada, Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, San Marino, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, United States, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco and Ireland.

Only products that have been ordered through the DBAI delivery channel will be included in your portfolio.

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