Why is it that not all reports have financial information?

A business information report may not contain financial information for the following reasons:

No Balance Sheet:

LTD companies in the UK have 10 months from their year end to file accounts. (This is 7 months for a PLC). On certain occasions companies can apply for an extension of 3 months. Companies may also change year end (for example from December 2001 to April 2002). They then have 10 months from the New Year end to file their financials.

Legal Forms:

The following types of UK Company are not obliged to file any financials.

  • A Friendly Society (company registration prefixed 'IP')
  • A Charity
  • A company registered in the Isle of Man (company registration prefixed 'M')
  • A company registered in the Channel Islands (company registration prefixed 'J' or 'G')
  • A Non Limited business (sole trader/ proprietorship or partnership)

Foreign Registered Company:

It is Dun & Bradstreet policy not to quote financials for a company registered overseas (company registration prefixed 'FC'). The financials may be available from Companies House Registry.

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