What is Monitoring?

Dun & Bradstreet monitoring will ensure you stay up-to-date with your key customers as well as those accounts causing you sleepless nights. Dun & Bradstreet monitoring allows you to track changes with your account base so that you can react quickly to protect your business.

Flagging a company on the Dun & Bradstreet Monitoring service will mean that changes will be sent to you directly by email, allowing you to take immediate action.

Similarly it's not just about bad news, positive changes are also sent by email to allow you to focus on increasing sales to those accounts which are improving in the market place.

Monitoring is the best way to be informed if any changes occur on a report ordered from DBAI. When a change occurs you will receive a Red, Amber or Green notice depending on the severity of the change.
There are two types of monitoring services that we currently offer on DBAI.

  • Stand alone Monitoring – This allows you to monitor a company’s report for 12months, you will be alerted any time a change occurs in the report. If you then wish to download a copy of the report you would be charged for the report. (For standalone monitoring for the UK the price is 5 Units, International businesses are 10 units.)
  • View and Review Monitoring - This is purchased at the same time you download a report on DBAI. For View and Review Monitoring you pay for the report as normal but also an extra 5 unit’s for this service. Like standalone monitoring this also lasts for 12 months and you will be alerted every time a change occurs. Plus – You can download a copy of the report FREE of charge as many times as you like within the 12 month period!

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