What would prompt a Red, Amber or Green monitoring notice?

Red Notices

A notice labelled RED indicates that information contained in the notice is of primary severity, is detrimental and warrants immediate attention.

The following types of information would be RED in the U.K.

  • Bankruptcy, Burglary or Embezzlement
  • Fire, Disaster or Business Discontinued
  • Criminal/Court Proceedings or Administrator Appointed
  • Business Wound Up or Liquidator Appointed
  • Meeting of Creditors or Winding Up Petition
  • Receiver Appointed or Striking Off Notices

Amber Notices

A notice labelled AMBER indicates that information contained in the notice is of secondary severity or for information purposes only. It is cautionary and should be reviewed as soon as possible.

Information labelled AMBER in the U.K. will be:

  • Public Filings or Bill of Sale
  • County Court Judgements or Satisfactions Decrees
  • Bond/Charge or Filing of Accounts
  • Change of Principles or filing of Annual Return
  • Change of Partners or Change of Name
  • Change of Legal Structure or Change of Address
  • Mortgage/Charge Created or Interim Account Filing
  • Mortgage/Charge Satisfied or Change in Payment Habits

Green Notices

A notice labelled GREEN indicates that information contained in the notice is positive and does not necessarily warrant immediate attention.

  • In the U.K. GREEN notices would be positive change in the D & B rating.

When several changes are detailed on a Monitoring Notice, each of them will be assigned the appropriate colour indicator and they will be listed in descending order of severity. The notice will however be given an overall grade which will always reflect the highest severity i.e. if AMBER and GREEN notices are included, the overall notice would be given an AMBER label. Likewise if the highest severity notice is RED, the overall notice will be red

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