How can I search my e-Portfolio within DBAI?

The easiest way is to choose e-Portfolio from the My Portfolio drop down menu.

You are then offered a range of search options. To search for a particular business ues the left hand search panel. To search for cases you have view and review rights to a frre report use the right hand search panel. These searches can be used together to further refine your search results.

Once you have submitted a search then the results are displayed immediately below the search criteria. You can then:

  • Click on column headers to sort the results in ascending or descending order
  • Click on DUNS or Business Name to display more information about the products you have purchased, the view and review rights you have and to amend your monitoring options or to purchase new products.
  • See whether you are monitoring this business or not
  • See if you have View & Review rights to view an up to date report on the business for free by clicking on the report icon.
  • See if the business is out of business.

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