What is a PAYDEX Score?

The D&B Payment Score (or Paydex) is a score that evaluates an organisation’s payment history based on trade experiences collected through D&B’s Trade Programme i.e. how the organisation has been paying its bills. A Paydex Score of 80 indicates prompt payments, less than 80 (down to 1) indicates slow payments, and greater than 80 (up to 100) indicates payment before due.

Every month our trade partners provide us with payment history from their sales ledgers. This gives us information on the time it takes for each of their customers to pay their invoices. After we have collected this information, we assigned a score called a PAYDEX. Each month we compare this PAYDEX to the previous months and if there is a significant increase or decrease in this PAYDEX score, the D&B Rating will be directly impacted.

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