I need help with my SAM registration

 When completing your SAM Entity Registration, you must make sure you enter your Legal Business Name and Address EXACTLY (INCLUDING SPACING AND PUNCTUATION) as it appears in D&B database. To see your D&B Entity Legal Business Name and Address follow these quick and easy steps:


1. Go to D&B Website: https://fedgov.dnb.com/webform/

2. Click “Begin D-U-N-S Search / Request Process” in the left-hand corner of the menu

3. Select the appropriate Country or Territory and click “Continue”

4. If the following Browser Message comes up, please disregard. Just click “Ok” and continue with the process

5. Enter Company Information, enter verification code and click “Submit”

6. Find your company from the listed search results and click “View/Modify Your Information”

7. Review Company Details report and find Legal Business Name and Address

8. You should now be able to complete your SAM Entity Registration


You can also see this guide in PDF format including screenshots HERE.


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