What is the D&B Financial Strength Indicator?

The Financial Strength indicator is based on a business’s tangible net worth. This information is taken from the latest set of accounts filed at Companies House. The following table shows how to interpret the Financial Strength indicator:

Financial Strength Indicator Tangible Net Worth (in £)
Net Worth From To
5A 35,000,000 And Above
4A 15,000,000 34,999,999
3A 7,000,000 14,999,999
2A 1,500,000 6,999,999
1A 700,000 1,499,999
A 350,000 699,999
B 200,000 349,999
C 100,000 199,999
D 70,000 99,999
E 35,000 69,999
F 20,000 34,999
G 8,000 19,999
H 0: 7,999
Other Symbols Used  
N Negative Tangible Net Worth
O Tangible Net Worth Undetermined


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