What is the D&B UK Rating?

 Dun & Bradstreet are business intelligence providers. Each company on our database is assigned a D&B Rating.

The D&B rating is broken down into the Financial Strength Indicator and the Risk Indicator. The rating will represent Dun & Bradstreet’s opinion on how much risk the business is exposing itself to.

Financial Strength: This is based on a business’s tangible net worth, if there is no tangible net worth, the financial strength would read “O”. The tangible net worth is taken from the latest annual accounts that have been provided to D&B.

What is the Tangible Net Worth? - Computed by subtracting intangible assets from stockholders' equity.

The purpose in calculating the net worth turnover is not to determine how efficiently the credit applicant is using assets, but rather to determine whether net worth is adequate to finance the operation. A creditor wants to know whether the applicant can safely assume the debt for the credit it is being asked to extend.

Risk indicator: This measures the level of risk between 1 and 4 which is directly corrolated with the Failure Score.

 For more information regarding our scores, please feel free to download our UK Rating Guide.

You can also view the UK ratings guide via our Learning Centre

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